Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Personal Challenge
Day 26-

Looks like a pile of junk, right?  Especially when I tell you that the books that you see have lots of pages torn out of them.  "Why?", you ask.   I few posts back, as well as yesterday, I referenced "altered art".  These are some of the items that might have gotten used in one of my altered pieces, my altered books in particular. My son has said to me before, "So, you just throw a bunch of junk together and call it art." Basically yes, but there is a little skill involved which includes a balance of colors and textures.

Since joining up with 3 different art groups a couple of years ago, I have amassed quite a stash of, what I call "raw materials".   I mentioned in one of my closet posts that I think I might do better with less to choose from.   I believe that the same thought holds true for my art undertakings.  I tend to get  an  "artist block" if I stand in front of too much stuff.  I think thinning out my collection will help stir my creativity.

My husband and I love to take cruises and ever since our first cruise 15 years ago, I have committed myself to journal our experiences. Until about four years ago, these journals were in the form of traditional written documentation.  About 4 years ago I decided to try my hand at making a "travel art journal".  I have been hooked on this way of journaling.  The written account, for the most part, has gone by the way side.  I take a little travel kit of glue sticks, embellishments, a couple of mini ink pads and some scissors.  I try to rely as much as I can on brochures, maps and various other paraphernalia gathered in my trip.  I work on it everyday while I'm away while the info is fresh in my mind.  These art journals are fun to share with friends.  A written journal would bore anyone to death.  I even have a few friends who have started documenting their travels this way as well.

The Repeat Boutique will not want these odds and ends, but I can assure you my "art buddies" will.  Altered Book Coalition ladies, these goodies are coming your way on Tuesday night.  I have other black wooden letters that I will bring as well.

For the curious at heart, I have included some pics from a travel journal that I did a few years ago.

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