Monday, July 23, 2012

My Personal Challenge
Day 21-

I will admit it; I enjoy yard art.  Although personally, with the exception of a classic item or two in the front yard (a pretty pot or iron piece), I prefer for my lawn accents to be in the backyard.  I think a lot of little knick-knacks in the front yard can look junky, taking away from the curb appeal of a home.

With that said, I have collected a number of things to tuck into my backyard flower beds since we moved into our home 20 years ago.  But with constant exposure to the elements, even the nicest garden treasures can begin to look rough after a period of time.  Occasionally I will go through and get rid of items that have become broken or faded and replace them with newer fresher "finds".  I say finds because most of my lawn accents were purchased at yard sales or rummage sales.  It's hard to appreciate pretty "new" accents when there is a bunch of broken stuff hanging around. 

My Daughter mentioned recently that she felt I had just a little too much stuff in the yard.  My purging efforts were obviously overdue.  I figured my 27 day challenge was a perfect opportunity to attend to this task.  I will say, the removal of a couple dozen garden goodies has given my yard a fresher feel.

Is it time for you to clear your yard of some unsightly statues, broken pots or tangled wind-chimes? 

Weight loss to date-226.4 lbs.   Loosing weight never felt so good!

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