Monday, March 10, 2014


 This bug-eyed lanky-legged creature is a toy that I just created for children at the Baptist Hospital.  He’s too unrealistic to be called a bug and too silly to be considered a monster. 
 So, I present to you, Bug-ster.

I have been sewing for the hospital for many years now, but I tend to focus my time on making chemo caps and pillows for surgery patients.  I sew a few toys here and there, but to be honest, most patterns are quite tedious to make, so I tend to shy away from them.  There are a number of ladies in our auxiliary who consistently hand-craft adorable toys for the children of the hospital.  I truly admire them.  The toys that are collected are invaluable to the younger patient population.   We receive notes from nurses and parents of the the children reiterating their importance.  Many of the children that are given our toys come to the hospital through ER.  They are often car accident victims.  If they are not injured, but are just shaken from the experience, these cuddly creatures can help sooth their anxieties.  Other times, these made-made items provide much much more for these children.  If they have lost a sibling or parent in the car accident, these toys end up becoming an attachment object that the children cling to for years to come.  It beaks my heart to hear such stories, but prompts me to push past any “issuses” that I have about making these “treasures”.

  Bug-ster was created without a pattern.  I began with a pillow-type body, knowing that it would be a good shape to fit in the arms of little patients arms.  The furry hair provides something that they can run their fingers through as a stress reliever.  His eyes are made of felt and are therefore  child-safe. The lanky arms give Bug-ster a friendly feel and also make good carrying "handles”.

The best thing about Bug-ster is that he has a BIG heart!

Isaiah 49:25 “For I will contend with him who contends with you, And I will save (defend, preserve, rescue, deliver) your children.”