Friday, January 20, 2012

Jehovah-Jireh (the Lord will provide)

God gave me a few “ah ha” moments this week in relation to the sewing that I do, namely for the Baptist Memorial Hospital of Memphis.  As a member of the Baptist Women’s Auxiliary, I make chemo caps, lab robes, walker pockets, surgery pillows and various other items for the patients.  On Monday I decided to take one of my walker pockets to show to someone at the club where I work out.  As I walked in the door a new member that I had never seen before said, “what’s that in your hand?”  I told her it was a walker pocket and she asked where I got it. I told her that I made it.  She asked how much I charged for them and I told her that I did not sell them, but made them for the hospital.  She proceeded to tell me that her mom (age 61) has to use a walker full time after being hit by a drunk driver 9 years ago.  She told me that she had been looking for something like what I had made because her mom could not use her walker and carry around any necessary items.  I told her to take the one that I made and let me know if it needed any adjustments.  I think that she was shocked that I gave it to her because she got quite emotional.  I told her that God had orchestrated me bringing the walker pocket with me that morning.  He timed her being there when I was there.  It was such an awesome transaction.
My second “God is in the details” moment happened when I was at work.  One of our volunteers at work asked my co-worker to be on the look out for some fabric.  When I over hear the word fabric, my ears always perk up.   I asked her to tell me exactly what it was that she was looking for.  She said that she needed 74 pieces of fabric (6” by 6”) for a project that her daughter was working on at school. She said that the fabric needed to be of various thicknesses, weights, and textures. I told her that I would take care of it and get it to her by the next day.  I left work excited about about my little task.  When I got home I noticed that I had a phone message.  It was from a lady in the Baptist Women’s Auxiliary who called to say that she had a bunch of knit that she thought I might want for making my chemo caps. I just stood at the phone and chuckled at God’s perfect provision.  I accepted her offer and explained how beautifully God had timed her phone call. When my volunteer called me later in the afternoon, I shared with her how God had provided me with extra fabric on the heels of me agreeing to give fabric to her.  God is in the details.  He is my faithful Provider.