Friday, August 17, 2012

Handmade "Jamaican" Bag

On our recent cruise we made a stop in Jamaica and I purchased, what I call, a "hippie" bag.  It's a roomy, quilted over-the-shoulder purse and is very comfortable to wear.  I have been wearing it all week, whether it has matched my outfit or not.  That's not like me, but I like it that much! 

Each day I have looked at it with that 
"I could so make this" spirit.
So this afternoon I closed myself up in my sewing room and came up with this.


The red cotton fabric has tiny little mirrors on it. It is from a blouse that was made in India.  I bought it years ago for the sole purpose of remaking it into something else.  

I lined the inside of the purse with some fabric that has lobsters and crabs all over it.  It came from a large pair of shorts (no,I did not ever wear them). They also were bought just for the fabric.
I accented the bag with a mother-of-pearl button closure.

I just love how it turned out!