Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ornaments for Everyone!
(by the Project Procrastinator)

It’s Christmas Eve and I am supposed to be getting ready for the dozen or so folks who will be coming to our house tomorrow to celebrate Christ’s birth and to dine with us, but I always manage to squeeze in a craft when I need to be doing something else.  I can’t help it.  It’s just my nature.  

The project is so easy that just seeing the pictures, however poor of quality they may be, is really all you need to complete these little grape cluster ornaments.

Even if you are just an occasional wine drinker, you probably 
 have on-hand a collection of corks. Chances are that you also have  the few other materials that you will need.  

Take your glue gun and group 6 wine corks into a triangle shape.  Try to keep your glue hidden in the middle, if possible.

Next, make a loop for hanging your ornament, out of hemp or any other natural looking fiber.
Glue the loop in the middle of the top of your “cluster”.

For the grape leaf, which doesn’t even remotely resemble a grape leaf, I cut a leaf off of some old silk flowers that I had lying around.

Glue your leaf on top next to your “hanger”, concealing any stray glue from your loop addition.  I actually poked the base of the leaf down in between two of the corks so that the leaf would not be so flat looking.

I grabbed some acrylic paints from my craft closet and mixed up a color that thought came closest to the color of the wine staining on the end of some of my used corks.

Don’t ask what colors I used because the color indicated on the bottle is not always accurate,  as I am famous for mixing colors and pouring them back into the bottle.  This used to aggravate the mess out of my daughter when she went looking for a specific color for a project.  Oh well, she’ll do the same thing to her daughter one day.

 ~Almost finished~

I used some of my rubber stamps to make a little tag for the ornaments. I tore out my tags and then used a natural sponge to “antique” the edges.

I am going to place an ornament on the dinner plate of each of my guests for them to take home as a reminder of the special times that we spent together. 
They will also help make my table to a little more festive too!

May God bless each and everyone of you and may His joy fill your heart this year in ways that it never has before!