Tuesday, April 9, 2013

 Paper Towel Art Dolls~

 We are finding so many ways to create art in the Community Art Room with stuff that most folks would throw away.  The latest craze has been our paper towel art dolls.  Actually, most of the people are enjoying using toilet paper rolls. By using both paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls together, you could create a whole family!

I made this art doll for my husband for Valentine’s Day. Not to worry,I got him something else as well. Dolls are "not his thing”, but he is so used to my altered art, that he accepted it with a smile.  

*The hollow base of the dolls would be a great place to conceal a gift certificate.

Prior to learning about these art dolls, my cardboard rolls always went into my compost bin, but very few are making it there these days!

-Paper towel or toilet paper roll
-wire or embroidery floss and needle
-acrylic paints
-graphics for face (magazine pictures work well)
-any accent pieces to embellish your doll
-glue (school or craft)

The first step in making an art doll is to pinch together one end of the roll and cut out a circle to form a “head”.
Second step-Using a piece of cardboard for you working surface, pierce holes through the front and back along the “shoulders” and “head” area.  

Third step-Sew” front to back along shoulder and head area using either wire or embroidery floss.

Fourth Step-Paint your doll with acrylic paint. 

Fifth Step-Add a face to your doll and any accent pieces.

WARNING:  These little dolls can be habit forming!