Friday, March 22, 2013

God Bless you!

“God bless you”.  You may say this when someone sneezes.  I am  going to show you how you can recycle your empty Kleenex box so that your blessings can continue.  

These boxes come in such a wonderful array of colors and patterns:

After breaking down my tissue boxes for recycling one day, I thought that there must be some way that I could reuse them instead of just sending them straight to the recycling center.  

Gift tags were the first thing that came to my mind, so I got out one of my tag punches,  

then I began cutting away any flaps and such that I would not be able to use.  Have no fear, these pieces went into the recycling bin.

The card board used for these boxes are typically of a heavier weight. You will want to do your punching on a solid surface so that you can put some “power behind your punch”.  You should get a nice clean cut.

With proper placement of your punch, you should be able to get roughy 6-8 tags out of one box.

I punched a hole in the tag so that I could attach a ribbon to it. The hole punch I used was a rectangle one.

Now, with a color coordinated ribbon, my tags are ready to be placed on a package.
These colors are perfect for spring. They would be great for an Easter or Mother’s Day gift!