Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tasty Fall Treats~

I got inspired to make these little jewels after seeing a colorful picture of them on Pinterest. But for the life of me, I cannot find the site that featured them.  It seems that I "repinned" just about every sweet that was "pinned" on this popular virtual pin board site, but not the one for the donut suckers, as I am calling them.

The treats seemed easy enough to make even without instructions, especially since it appeared that I already had most of the items to complete them, minus the little chocolate dounts and colored candy sprinkles. 


For some reason I had a bag of these little round sticks that are made specifically for candy making.  They probably came from one of my art buddies who never got around to creating any confectionaries. If they ever saw this project, I can assure you, they would never have gotten rid of them.

Cellophane bags are something that I keep in constant supply.  I have several sizes on hand to use for gift-giving.  They always seem to "fancy" up whatever you put in them.  The small-sized bag was just right for my "donut suckers".

My ribbon population is ridiculous!  I have every color, width and texture known to man stashed in boxes and bins all over my studio.  I chose orange because, paired with the brown chocolate icing on the donut, I felt it had a fall feel to it.

To assemble:

Before starting, pour some candy sprinkles on a small plate.

Gently push a sucker stick through one side of your chocolate covered donut (I used the small cake variety). Twist the stick while pushing it slowly through the donut. You will want your stick to pierce into the other half of the donut.  This will provide for more stability.

Warning:The donuts are a bit fragile and will break if you are not gentle during this step.

Now for the crazy part.  Take your hair dryer (on low setting) and heat the surface of your donut for a few seconds; just until icing looks shiny.  Immediately take your donut and gently press it into the pile of candy sprinkles. Wait a minute or two and repeat on the other side of your donut.  

When my donuts were all finished, I put them into individual cellophane bags and tied a satin bow around them.  They look so festive!

These little sweet treats made a perfect little "happy" to give to out at my staff meeting this morning.