Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Charmer in Flight

We have two humming birds who charm us each morning.  Our cats, Ellie and Emery,  watch with curiosity from their  seats which are perched directly in front of the breakfast room window..  They think that the beautiful winged display is just for them, but we know its for us.   

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to My Little Corner of the Blogging World

There are so many thoughts and ideas that knock around in my head each day that it can be a bit overwhelming. I figured that if I had a spot where I could record some of these musings, then I would not have to try and tackle them all at once. It would be a visual check list of sorts in a journal type style. Each day I record spiritual inspirations, devotions and scripture, so journaling is not a foreign thing to me. Making art and reading are two things that I truly love to do, but there are so many projects and that I want to throw myself into that I cannot possibly remember them all. It is here in my newly established blog that I will keep track of my "things to do" as well as those finished undertakings. Come along with me..