Sunday, March 4, 2012

Recycle and help the Millington, TN 

Crisis Center

Start saving items you normally throw away and the Millington Crisis Center will get cash for them!! They’ve partnered with Terra Cycle – you can join their team!

Contact Lois Wilbur at OR on Facebook : Millington Crisis Center for more info... it is simple, easy, good for the planet and the Crisis Center!!!!!

     This is the bin that I have started at my home, but
 it is a small sample of what they are collecting.
   See below for a detailed list.

Candy wrappers – individual sizes and bags
Empty potato chip bags – any size
Empty cheese packaging – singles (outer plastic and individual wrappers), shreds, grated, ream/cottage cheese tubs
Cereal bags – preprinted bags only (not inner linings from boxes)
Oral care – toothbrushes & their packaging, toothpaste tubes/caps, floss containers
Cookie wrappers and inner tray packaging – any size
Foil drink pouches (remove straws & empty all liquid)
Elmer’s glue sticks, plastic bottles, refill jars & glitter glue tubes ***ELMER’S brand only***
Energy bar wrappers – any foil lined wrapper (granola, protein, meal replacement, etc)
Gum packaging – outer plastic, inner wrappers, gum box
Diaper/wipes packaging – outer plastic wrappers. Any brand/size
Lunch Kits packaging – trays, lids, plastic film, outer wrapping
Plastic tape dispensers and cores
Personal care packaging – empty make-up containers (any), hair care bottles/tubes, nail polish/remover bottles, lipstick/Chap stick tubes, body wash/lotion bottles/tubes, soap dispensers, face soap containers, antibiotic ointment tubes
Butter/margarine/cream cheese/cheese spread tubs and lids (please wash before donating)
Tortilla/tostada bags
Writing instruments – pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, markers and/or lids
Plastic cups (like Solo disposable – must be coded 6 for recycling)
Paper packaging – toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and moist wipes (outer plastic packaging)

Cell phones, chargers, phone batteries, cameras, digital cameras, camcorders, mp3 players
Inkjet/printer/toner cartridges