Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gotta Love it!

I had just enough burlap left over from the aqua and brown owl that I made in the fall  http://cgheartlife.blogspot.com/2012/09/owl-door-hanger-b-urlap-door-hangers.html to make a heart for Valentine’s Day.  These easy-to-assemble door hangers are so much fun to make.  I love projects that don’t require purchasing extra materials.  I have mentioned before that I have so many arts and crafts supplies that it seems silly to go out and buy anything.  Pinterest has been a wonderful source for inspiration.  I just look for projects that I can make with items that I have on hand.

The greatest thing about the burlap door decorations is that you don’t have to posses any certain level of artistic ability.  Anyone can make them.  

Basic supplies:

*Burlap-amount will depend upon how large of a hanger you wish to make
*acrylic paints-I use the 2 oz. bottles that many craft stores sell for under $1.00
*hot glue gun/glue sticks
*plastic bags for stuffing (I use brown Kroger bags-white tends to show through the open weave of the
        burlap fabric)
*wire for hanging
*optional: raffia, beads etc. for accenting

Simple instructions:

1) Choose a shape.  Seasonal objects are a good choice if you are using it for the front or back door.  

2) Fold the burlap in half, creating “two” pieces.

3) Draw your form on the top piece of burlap with a dark marker.  If design has details, draw them as 

4) Cut out your shape (you will have two pieces). 

5) Glue front piece to back piece along edges, leaving an opening of about 5 inches.

6) Stuff with plastic bags.

7) Glue opening closed.

8) Paint design.  I like to pain the backside of the hanger as well because it seems to give it more  
    “body”.  You may opt to just paint the front.

    *the burlap soaks up a lot of paint, especially when painting the background, so allow for enough 

9) Attach wire hanger and any accent items such as beads and/or raffia.

A step-by-step tutorial:

For more hanger  ideas: