Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wine Cork Cross

         I never know how a new project will go over in the Community Art Room. Last Monday  I took the materials to make crosses out of wine corks.  Everyone loved the idea.  We even had people from the food pantry and the soup kitchen stopping by to admire them.  We do not have a budget for the Art Room.  Everything that we use is either brought in by the 3 of us who volunteer there or it is donated by friends from art groups in which we belong.  Many any of the projects that we make involve recycled materials such as tin cans, toilet paper rolls and card board.  We also incorporate nature when we can by using pine cones, lotus pods, sticks and rocks.  It is amazing to see what can be put together to create art.  We have some talented, truly gifted people, among us on Mondays.  It is such a beautiful place to be!

The cross is made from 5 wine corks that are glued together (3 down and 2 across) with hot glue.
Four large beads are affixed to the points of the cross and then it is embellished with an angel at the center. 
A piece of wire wrapped around the top bead makes a hanger.

The Community Art Room is located inside Highland Heights United Methodist Church (3476 Summer Avenue) and is open every Monday morning from 10-12
It is a place for any one in the community to come paint, draw, craft, create!