Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tag It~

If you haven’t already thrown away your Christmas cards-(yikes, please don’t ever pitch such "valuable” items), I have a fun and easy way to recycle them.

The greeting cards that we received here at the house, will be made into a Christmas Card Keepsake such as the one I posted February 19, 2012

The cards that I am recycling today are greeting cards that my husband received from his clients at his office.

Supplies needed are:

Christmas cards
tag-shaped punch
whole punch (I am using a rectangular one) 
ribbon, yarn or string 

 Your local craft store should have several tag-shaped punches available, but I chose this one that has a place for the ribbon to be attached at the top.  Some have them on the side.  It is just up to your personal preferance.

My pictures are not great, but you can get the idea:

When punching out your tags, just center whatever graphics you would like to have on your tag.  I try to get the maximum number of tags out of each Christmas card without making them looking ”choppy”.  Sometimes you may need to use your scissors to cut up into the card in order to reach your desired picture or shape. 

Grab your hole punch

And punch a hole at the top of each tag

Attach your hanger (ribbon, yarn or string)
I had some stretchy silver cording which I am going to use

You will never have to buy another gift tag again!