Monday, February 6, 2012

A Sew-Sew Weekend
       While my DH was off at the 2012 Men’s Downline Summit this past weekend learning about biblical manhood and discipleship,  I decided to do something worthwhile myself.  I put aside all household responsibilities and made plans to work in my art room.  My focus was sewing for the hospital.  I pulled out all sorts of knit, cotton and quilted fabrics.  One of my favorite parts of sewing is choosing what fabrics to pair together for each project.  I have a massive stash of delightful colors and textures, thanks in part to friends of mine who have chosen to donate to this sewing ministry.    The rectangle pillows are for abdominal surgery patients and the heart-shaped pillows are for breast surgery patients. Last month I used heart themed fabric for my pillows in honor of Valentine’s Day.  This time I decided to used florals for my pillows.  

          Lately I have been adding a layered flower to most of my chemo caps.  To me flowers seem to symbolize a sense of hope for healing.   

                      I was given a piece of Burberry fabric which I think made a cute cap.

          Someone had recently given me a piece of fabric that had already been quilted, so I made a small blanket out of it for the neonatal unit.  

        I had a delightful marathon sewing weekend.  I ended up with 8 heart-shaped pillows, 6 rectangle pillows, 7 chemo caps and 1 baby blanket.  It was such an enjoyable time for me.  So much more fun than cleaning house!  I will probably never get to meet any of the patients that I sew for each month, but I consider it such a blessing to be able to give a little part of myself to them.
          For the chemo cap pattern: