Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Personal Challenge
Day 20-

This journey that I have been on for the past 20 days is showing me a lot about myself and my areas of weakness and compulsion.  Today's "27 FB" was a prime example.

 I saw these cute little pins in a local fabric store a few years ago.  They were made out of coordinating fabrics that came from a fabric sample book and were embellished with various buttons and fibers.  One of the ladies working at the shop was making them and had them for sale. 

 I knew that I could make one if I could just find a pattern.  With just a little help from my friend, Google,  I found simple directions on the internet. I knew in order for them to turn out the way I wanted, I needed to get my hands on some designer fabric sample books.  My husband's office was located next to the store where I discovered the pins, so I decided to ask a lady who worked there if she would mind saving some sample books for me and that I would come get them.  She said that she would be happy to.  A week or so later she walked over to my husband's office with twenty or so sample books.  The fabrics were beautiful.  I could not wait to make my first pin.  I made several and showed other people how to make them.  I gave them sample books so that they would have their own "stash" with which to work.

After I got over the "newness" of this project, the remaining sample books sat idle in my studio along with lots and lots of other materials that I have gathered for other "great" projects.

I seem to have a pattern going where I will get excited about  a new project, track down all the needed materials and then jump full steam into making whatever it is.  The excitement then soon wanes.  A "new" idea will come along and the cycle repeats itself.  

Luckily I am a very thrifty person and am able to find lots of what I need at yard sales and thrift stores, so I don't have a huge financial investment in most of my art supplies. I also have lots of art friends that I trade with.  My frustration comes from me hesitating to get rid of things, especially in my studio.  My theory is that I might need it for a future project. Today I "flung" 24 fabric sample books.  I kept a few just incase I decide to make more flowers.  

If these flowers sound like something you might like to try, visit this site:

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