Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Personal Challenge
Day 19-


Today was a second go round for thinning out books during my 27 day challenge.  When my first "27 fling boogie" of reading material proved to be surprisingly painless, I decided to "dig deeper" to see if I could let go of even more books.  This turned out to be a successful venture. 

Just like day 11, I discovered books that I had acquired, but had never read.  I sat down on a little bench in my reading room and read the first page of several of these books.  If they sounded like something I would like to read, I put them back on the shelf, if not, they were added to my give away pile.  

I also decided to pass along some of my "favorites" that I had been holding on to.  I am not one to reread books so there was really no point in keeping them.

 *I keep a log of the books that I have read so that I don't make the mistake of re-buying them.  

My bookshelf looks so much better now.  In the future, I am going to think twice before bringing in new reading material.  I have so many books that I have not read, that I will be busy for some time!

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  1. Very Impressive! Would love to know how much weight your house has lost. Keep up the good work.