Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Personal Challenge
Day 17-

After having such a hard time in the garage yesterday, I decided for today's "27 fling boogie" that I would not concentrate just on any one area in particular.  

I basically walked through the house and grabbed things. The majority of my items were from a shelf in my "studio" that houses books that I have set aside for using in my altered art projects. These are books, magazines and other publications that I either bought at yard sales, thrift stores or got out of the free bins at McKay's, my favorite used bookstore.  

There is a McKay's in Nashville and Knoxville.  If you are ever in either one of these cities, you MUST go there.  They have excellent prices on their used books and music, but one of the coolest things is that they have great big bins in front of their stores full of FREE books.  I always leave with an arm load full. 
The store in Knoxville is my personal favorite

So back to the altered art.  Besides sewing for the Baptist Hospital, this is what I enjoy working on. Under My Blog List I have listed several of the sites and blogs that I visit for inspiration.  If just the term "altered art" is foreign to you or you don't feel that you have a crafty bone in your body, just take a minute to peak at a site your two.  Who knows, you might get sucked in just as I did close to a decade ago.  

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