Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Personal Challenge
Day 13-


This colorful assortment of random trinkets is what I came up with today for my "27 fling boogie".

 I started out in my gift closet and found a few, what I call, "dregs" (little items that were intended to be tucked into gift baskets). 

 I also discovered that I had a few little toys that were left over from Operation Christmas Child 2011.  Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham, started OCC, which is a ministry that anyone can get involved in, for either a one time donation, or a yearly project. Participants fill a shoebox with little gifts of toys and personal care items.  They are sent around the world to children who might not otherwise get anything for Christmas.  It's amazing how many goodies you can pack into a small shoebox!

 For further information, check out their website : ( 

The balance of my "27FB" came from my endless craft stash.  I feel certain that more of these items will be "flung" in the next several days.  Having an over abundance of "raw materials" to work with has proven to be overwhelming and has actually stifled my creativity.  I believe that paring down the number of things that I have to work with will actually encourage me to work on some projects that I  have neglected lately.

This challenge has proven to be a blessing.  It is definitely "better to give, than to receive"!

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