Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Personal Challenge
Day 16-

It's amazing to me that the areas that need decluttering the most are the places in which I am having the hardest time with.  It's very frustrating because I really want to be able to "see" a difference in the appearance of my home when I am finished with my 27 day challenge.

The garage is a perfect example. Both of our cars fit in there (which for some folks, would be an accomplishment), but there is no space to spare.  Our daughter who just graduated from college is storing some of her things there, but that only accounts for a segment of one wall.  We have a few bikes and your basic lawn care items and tools.  So I asked myself, "What is all this other stuff and do I really "need" it?  Would I miss it?"

I've always admired the folks who have pristine garages.  You know what I mean.  They literally have nothing in their garage besides their cars and maybe a recycling bin.  There is not even a lawn mower present.

I've come to a conclusion.  They must be unhealthy boring people.  They have a lawn care service who cuts their grass and they don't own a bike, so they don't get much exercise.   Also indicating that they clearly are not physically active: there are no golf clubs, tennis racquets, baseball bats, soccer balls, volley balls or lacrosse sticks. They don't have any hobbies because their garages are void of half empty paint pans, odd pieces of lumber, saws, drills, spray paint, salvaged shutters, unfinished refinishing projects...

Okay, so I just figured out how we have what we have, but I feel better about myself knowing that we get a little exercise here and there and that we are not boring people.  That gives me some sense of comfort.

I did somehow manage to find 27 things to "fling, but I will say today was my hardest day yet.

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