Monday, July 16, 2012

My Personal Challenge

Day 14-

There are certain things that seem to multiply at my house.  Bows, bags and gift tags-where do they all come from? 

 We have been in our home for 20 years now and I guess with 20 birthdays, 20 Christmases, 20 anniversaries, 20 Valentine's Days and 20 Easters, it's no wonder I have such a collection.  Today's "27  fling boogie" barely made a dent in my supply.  Hallmark has nothing on me!

Plastic bins are great for storing seasonal items and such, but I am learning that when they are "out of sight" they truly are "out of mind".  At our next celebration, I think I'll let someone else take home the bright colorful packagings.  Well, if there is a bag that is exceptionally cute, I may have take it home with me.  But for now, I can say that there are 27 less party products over here.

Today I hit the two week mark of My Personal Challenge, and although some days are more challenging than others, I  am still just as encouraged as I was the first day of this journey.  

Tomorow is another day for "flinging"away...

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