Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Personal Challenge
Day 15-

Don't let the colorful and organized display of craft supplies fool you.  My "studio" is far from being in the order that I desire.   

Although I have two large work surfaces in my room,  the actual size of my work area gets smaller by the day.  I'll work on a project, leave my materials sitting out, start a new project, leave those items out and the vicious cycle starts.  Every once in a while, I'll go up there and spend a few hours getting things back into place, but purging things doesn't really happen.

 I have art supplies that I have purchased and never used. I have items that my generous art buddies have given me over the years.  I even have somethings that I used to use with my children when they were little (they are now 23 and 24 years old).

Today I just worked on cleaning out a few drawers.  I discovered that I had 13 shaped scissors.  No wonder my top drawer would not open!  I had several knitting needles of various sizes.  Since I only know how to make scarves, I decided that I could stand to get rid of a few.  I had a crochet hook and I don't even know how to crochet.  I lost count of the punches that I had, but I know that I have not used these smaller ones in years.  I will never miss this bright assortment of materials.  

Maybe they will bring a little joy to someone who is just building their art supply.

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