Friday, July 20, 2012

My Personal Challenge
Day 18-

A customer of mine asked me the other day if I was seeing a change in how my house looked now that I had been at my challenge for over two weeks.  

I think she was shocked when I told her , "No". When I walk through my house, things really do not look any different. I had been so optimistic about my efforts until she asked me this question. 

 To date I have gotten rid of 166 lbs. of stuff, so a change is being made somewhere. But where?

Most of my work has been in drawers and closets, but even in those areas, I don't see a significant improvement.  I am not a hoarder (not by my standards at least), but I am beginning to get a true grasp of the meaning of excess.  I have already done a "27 fling boogie" in my studio, but I was back in there again today in effort to further reduce my "over-stock" of art supplies and such.

I truly think that having so many materials to work with has been stunting my creativity.  I am finding that letting go of some of my rubber stamps, fabric and craft supplies is very liberating!  I will probably need to revisit this room again in the next few days.  Until then I press on...

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