Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Personal Challenge
Day 27- 

You don't have to go to Tijuana to find "trinkets and junk"...

Sometimes I wonder why I have some of the things that I have.  When you have lived in your home for over 20 years like we have, you tend to stash things in strange places and often times buy things that you need because you could not find those things that you "knew" you had already purchased.  You should see my spice cabinet.  

Just to list a few random things I found:

*5 extension cords in a cabinet in the laundry room and that does not include the ones already in use.

*Pledge grab-it refills; obviously for an apparatus that I don't and never have owned.  Must have been a yard sale find.

*Why does anybody need two back scratchers?  Some people would ask why does anyone own one at all when you can either ask a friend to help you out or take advantage of a door jam.

*A clothes shaver.  I have a hard enough time remembering to put a new shaver in the shower to shave my legs with.  Who has time to shave their sweaters?  As thrifty as I am, by the time I buy new batteries for this gimmicky contraption and spend my time slaving over a woolen garment, I could have bought a "new" one.

*What good does one coaster do me?  If I am drinking alone, I have more to be concerned with than a clutter problem.  I take that back.  I have actually had a glass of wine by myself, but no coaster needed there!

*Then there's foreign currency.  Does anybody else feel burdened by money brought back from their travels?  You kick yourself for not spending it while away, you come back home and stash it in a box somewhere.  When you discover it years later, you have forgotten how much it was worth, but you keep it anyway, assuming it's worth bunches.  After all you may go back to that country again and then you can spend it, right?  Well, you either don't take it with you because you're afraid they may have changed their currency since you visited and you don't want to be embarrassed or you just forget to take it all together.  I just know I have "hundreds" of dollars sitting in my box!

*I quit counting rulers after I found 7 in various drawers.  With no one in school any more, why are multiple rulers needed?  The one I got rid of was free from some trade show that I attended.  A friend of mine recently told me that it's often the free stuff that finds its way into our homes that causes a good deal of our clutter problems.

*The sippy cup tops really need to just go to the recycling bin.  No, they don't meet my local pick-up qualifications, but Millington Crisis Center accepts many items that local companies do not.  Visit their site to see what you can save for them  I included these tops to make a point.  They came on some silver training cups that were given to my children (now ages 23 and 25) when they were born.  The cups are probably in the attic some where.  I intended to reunite them, but that just never happened.  What's the point anyway?  It's not like my grands, if I ever have any, will want to use them anyway.

So there you have you have it.  My final 27 items gathered in the effort to reduce clutter in my home.  Today is the last day of my 27 day challenge.  I had said when I took on this challenge, that I wanted to loose weight by my 50th birthday, which is tomorrow,  and I have successfully done just that.

Total house weight loss to date-300.8 lbs.!

How much did you loose?  Remember, "being a looser, is being a winner"
If you are just getting started, I encourage you to press on.  I will silently cheer you on from behind screen.  You will love the way your home looks and feels!

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  1. Great job, take a bow! 300+ pounds is amazing! Thank you for sharing this journey and providing inspiration for those of us with "fat" houses :)