Monday, July 9, 2012

My Personal Challenge
Day 7-

Don't let the seemingly small stash of paper goods fool you; I accomplished a lot during my "27 Fling Boogie" today. My stationery drawer is now more organized than it has been in years!  

All this cleaning out of stuff is not just about flinging things, it is also about putting each zone that I pare down in a more orderly fashion.  I used to be a Girl Scout so I know that we are supposed to "leave a place better than we found it".  When it came to the top drawer of my desk, that was not hard to do. 

 I had a greeting card organizer box right in the middle of my drawer, it's just that 75% of the cards were not in the box.  They were scattered about , making it nearly impossible to find anything.  I had several stationery boxes in the drawer with only one or two cards left in each of them.  These boxes were taking up precious space.  

After I paired my cards with their envelopes and put them in the organizer, I found that I had close to 100 mismatched pieces of stationary, note cards and envelopes left over.  I bagged them up and counted this bundle as one "flung" item. So along with 26 greeting cards that I discarded, I met my quota for the day.

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