Monday, January 23, 2012

Up-cycled Scarf
        Scarves are about the only thing that I like about winter (well, I do like the fact that my hair does not frizz and I get to wear all my cute boots). Whether scarves are store bought or hand-made, knit, sewn, woven or crocheted; they can be the greatest accessory for an outfit.
I made the following scarf out of old sweaters. I started with sweaters that were 100 percent wool.  I put them through the washer and dryer 3-4 times until they shrank a considerable amount. I then cut 10 rectangle pieces, measuring 5 1/2” by 7”, from the shrunken sweaters.  

        I laid the cut pieces out in pattern that I desired and then hand-stitched them together, end to end, using a blanket stitch.  I used brightly colored embroidery floss (full thickness of the thread).

       One of my sweaters had pockets in it so I added these to each end of my scarf.  This way I can keep my hands, as well as my neck, warm.  After attaching all of my rectangles together, I went around the edge of the whole scarf with my blanket stitch, changing colors about every 3rd block or so.  I was very pleased with the result.  You can mix and match a variety of patterns for a whimsical look!

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