Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Garbage Day
       My husband went to wheel our large green garbage can around front this morning (dear chap that he is), but noticed that the can was empty.  He came inside and said, “Don’t we have any garbage this week?”  I loved being able to say, “No, with the exception of what was sitting in the kitchen can.”  This was sort exhilarating for me. It meant that  I had succeeded at reducing our weekly waste to an all time low.  The little bit of trash that we had accumulated over the past 7 days was a result of what could not be composted, reused or placed in the recycle bin. 
        We have been composting and recycling for the 19 years that we have lived in our home which has kept our refuse to a minimum, but with the addition of cardboard to our recycling program, our weekly trash has dropped even further.  It is amazing how many products come in boxes from cereal to toothpaste.  Before I place anything in the big green garbage can, I ask myself if it fits into any of our 3 attempts to be “green” first.  

For detailed ideas on implementing your own home recycling plan: 1.htm

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