Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tops in Antiqua

Any artist knows that art doesn't have to be just something that you frame and hang on the wall.  Art can be found an arrangement of flowers, a door with an aged patina, a pleasing melody or a collection of beach glass, in this case, a collection of rusted beer caps.  This assortment of tops were found while tromping around in the streets of Anitgua last year.  My husband, who generally pokes fun at me for my pursuit of odd objects, soon was bending down exclaiming, "Here's one you don't have yet!"  Maybe he's beginning to learn about the "thrill of the hunt." I may not ever incorporate these treasured tops into any of my art work and that does not matter;  their delightful grouping is a "scrapbook" of memories for me.

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