Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Hunting

        After doing my Bible study and completing a good workout this morning, I headed off to an estate sale. I usually avoid estate sales as they tend to be a bit pricey.  There were no garage sales listed in my area, so I decided to take my chance.  Shortly after walking in the door, I spotted a bin filled with brand new Vera Bradley cosmetic bags for $2.00.  I grabbed a few and, before I knew it, I had accumulated a stash of various treasures.  I only had $13.00 with me so I paid for my goodies, went home to get more cash and returned for a more detailed "hunt". Between my two visits I spent $26.00 and ended up with 3 Vera Bradley items, 5 books, a shelf, 2 Humco porcelain owl figurines, a brand new cover for my iphone 4, a Brighton tote bag, a brand new pair of Ralph Lauren socks, a Christmas area rug, a wool Christmas stocking, a pair of leather driving gloves,  2 sterling silver pins, 1 sterling silver pendant, 1 costume cocktail ring and a gold ring (I got it for 50 cents as it was on the verge of breaking).  I was not sure if the gold ring was real, but for 50 cents, it was worth the risk.  This little stop made for a great start for my day.  I went home and picked up some items that I had been meaning to take to a consignment store. They accepted all of the things that I brought in; which was a first for me.  I also picked up a check ($162.87) for the merchandise I had sold recently. I left the boutique with a smile on my face and a spiring in my step.  My next stop was the jewelry store. I had 3 items I was going to try and sell for scrap metal-a pair of sterling silver earrings  (purchased from a thrift store for $1.00), a broken sterling silver earring and the gold ring (purchased for 50 cents today).  The ring turned out to be 14 kt gold.  They gave me $55.00 for my 3 items.  Not bad for a $1.50 investment.  The result of my estate sale purchases and sales today was a $29.00 profit.  I still have a chance to make more money off of my mornings treasures as I will take them to either an auction or consignment. Resale rocks!

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