Monday, October 17, 2011

Best Laid Plans

      I had planned on posting at least once a week on my blog so that I would stay current with the recording of my projects and plans, but one week after setting up my blog, I got side-lined.  My daughter, who is a senior in college, introduced me to Pinterest and I have been pinning instead of posting ever since.  It's a pretty crazy thing actually.  It's like having hundreds of magazines right at your fingertips with all your favorite recipes, sewing projects and home decorating and fashion ideas to view at the same time.  You just choose what you like and "pin" these pictures or plans on boards that you tailor to fit your personality. It can be most addicting!  I have collected many pins over the past several weeks, but I have decided to pull away from the scene for a little while and actually make some of the things that I have "hoarded" on my boards.  If Pinterest ( is new idea for you; I dare you to go there just once.  Don't blame if you get hooked!  You've been warned.

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