Thursday, September 27, 2012

Owl Door Hanger

Burlap door hangers seem to be the latest craze.  They are all over Pinterest and many craft sites.  After seeing an adorable owl in a local gift shop, I decided to "give it a go".  

When I went to Hobby Lobby to purchase my burlap, I noticed a bolt of this loosely woven stiff stuff sitting on the cutting counter. When I asked the lady if that was the only one to choose from, she told me that was all that she had left in stock, that she just "could not keep it". She confirmed that people were buying it to make these ever so popular door accents.  

No tutorial is necessary for this project, just a quick "walk through" and a list of the few supplies.  It is so easy to do, and the fact that no sewing is required, makes it all that more desirable for beginner crafters.

You will need:

*Burlap (the amount depends upon how large you 
     want your door hanger to be)
*Hot glue gun and glue sticks
*marker or charcoal pencil (to draw out shape)
*acrylic paints and brushes
*plastic grocery bags
*wire for hanging
*(optional)raffia to accent wire hanger

Go to Hobby Lobby's website and click on "in store specials" to get a coupon so you can save on your project supplies.


1)Fold  burlap in half, creating a front and back.  

2)Trace your design on the top half. Make sure to draw all the details of your design. 

3)Cut out your shape.

4)Glue front to back around edges of design, leaving about a 5 inch opening for stuffing.

5)Stuff with grocery bags to desired fullness.  You want to keep it relatively flat as it will be hanging on your door. 

6)Color the details of your design with acrylic paints. You will want to apply the paint fairly liberally so your grocery bags do not show through the large weave of the burlap.

7)When complete, add wire for the hanger. If desired, accent with a burlap and raffia bow.

Your handmade door accent will make the entrance to your home very inviting!

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