Thursday, September 13, 2012

A work in progress...

     Actually there are many "works in progress" going on over here, but there always are-so really,that's nothing new!

I started on my calendar journal pages several days ago, but I set them down to finish up some pillows for the hospital and then I began working on fixing up a piece of furniture (more on that later)which has really dominated my "free" time.  It's actually been a labor of love, but labor none-the-less.  
       Anyway, as far as the calendar goes, this is what I have come up with so far.

~Calendar Journal Pages~

     This is my first attempt at doing a calendar. Although I added some stamping and cut-outs, I feel like my January page looks a bit scrapbookish, which is totally not me. I really want the pages to have more personality so they don't seem so "prefab".

February's flavor is a little bit better, which may be due in part to adding some additional stamping on the background before adding the dates.   I also feel that tracing around the tags helps the dates blend into the page. Sometimes "messying" things up aids in eliminating cookie cutter results that often come with scrapbooking.  The art doll on the bottom right, which was done by a dear friend, is my month's redeeming jewel!

     I am not real crazy about my March page to be honest.  I feels a bit flat and uninteresting.  I decided, instead of getting hung up on it, to move on.  I can always go back and give it more punch later. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.  
If you decide to do one of these calendar journals, make sure that your days and dates correlate for the month of that particular year.  This will save a LOT of frustration.  

The days of April seem quite small, but I did this in effort to show more of my background and allow for more "add-ons".  
Once again, I will probably leave this page and move on to the next month. I have completed the backgrounds for all 12 months so I can get the basics down first and embellish later.  Because I have 3 1/2 months to finish my calendar before I actually begin  journaling in it, I can work on it at my leisure.  

I left all my materials for this project spread out on one of my work surfaces in my studio so I can add a little here and add a little there in between other undertakings. Oh, the joys of multiple projects!

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