Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Newest Critter Creation

I didn’t have a pattern to follow for this owl 
that I made for a special little boy or girl at the hospital.  
My inspiration for him 
actually came from one of my cat’s toys.  

The shape looked simple enough, so I  thought I’d give it a try. Simple is good when it comes to toy making.  Some of the patterns that the ladies in my auxiliary use are so detailed that they end up being very time-consuming.  I have enjoyed the last few “critters” that I have made because I get to use a little extra creativity in my planning.

Here is the fella that inspired my colorful cuddly owl:

When I took my newest toy to my meeting, several ladies asked for the pattern.  I had to tell them that there was not one. They asked me if I could make a pattern for them. I had to tell them that I was sorry, 
that my brain just doesn’t work like that.  

I’m on to another “one and done”.  The next I think will be a bunny.  I thought this would be appropriate during the 
Easter season.  

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